Whangārei Falls

A 10 minute drive from Whangārei city centre is the amazing Whangārei Falls. This is a close up of the falls from the north side. If you look closely you might be able to see a couple of people at the lookout to the left of the top of the falls. That lookout is only a couple of minutes walk from the carpark. It’s a bit more of a walk down through the trees, over the footbridge to the Hatea River’s edge. This was a very contrasting scene. It was taken around 11am when this photograph was taken. The sun was very bright and the waterfall in shadow. Using a tripod and filter over the lens of my camera I was able to blur the water. The height of the Whangārei Falls is around 26 metres. We were quite lucky that it had been raining recently as this was taken in the height of summer when there is often little to no water coming over the falls. In the summer Whangārei Falls often looks more like this.

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