Vortex Water Fountain at Alnwick Gardens

The thing I remembered most about the ultra modern Alnwick Gardens was the impressive collection of contemporary water fountains. Two years on they are still there and looking great, but this time I went at 10am just as the gardens opened with my tripod and a much wider angle lens than I had in the past. This was taken with a 10mm Sigma lens and you can see the distortion (the sides of the fountain are vertical and not at this weird angle). However I happened to like that angle.

Due to the chrome and water on the side of this sculpture it is reflective like a mirror, so previous photographs all had my legs in the frame. For this photo I had the camera set up on a tripod then moved out of the area and remotely triggered the camera to take the photograph. The thin tripod legs were much easier to clone out than my fat stumps!

But what is the meaning of this? Well according the sign next to this fountain “This sculpture shows a vortex, which is the air core of the centre. Water creates a vortex as the forces of water pressure, air pressure and gravity make it move downwards in a spiral. There are many vortices in nature, like tornadoes and the black holes of the universe.”

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