Village of Dunure on the West Coast of Scotland

Leaving Edinburgh this morning I travelled west to the coast, passing around Glasgow but this time sat in a car rather than a train. We ended up stopping at the small fishing village of Dunure, just south of the town of Ayr. We drove through Ayr, which wasn’t very impressive, but when we pulled up at Dunure, it was fantastic. You can often tell a good place because it has few tourists and a lot of locals and that seemed the case here. It reminded me of St. Abb’s on the east coast or a smaller version of Dunbar. The view you see in the photograph above was taken from the remains of Dunure Castle looking north along the coast towards the harbour, which unfortunately is hidden behind a large rock and buildings. The large man-made looking structure in the foreground is a Dovecot. The Dovecot used to house birds which were a food supply. Tonight I am staying in a very small bed and breakfast a few miles north of Dumfries. By small, I mean two rooms and four single beds. I’ll let you know how it went tomorrow. As for where I will get to tomorrow, nobody knows as yet!

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