View from Westmorland Services on the M6

Motorway services usually feature run down buildings from the 60’s, full of tried drivers, smelly toilets and fast food, but Westmorland Services on the M60 in Cumbria is very different. I would have to say it is one of the countries best motorway service stations, very clean, modern and has good (but a little expensive) food and shops. Each time I travel up to Edinburgh we always stop here for breakfast at the Westmorland Hotel. Coming back from a week in Northumberland today I thought it would be great to stop at the services for lunch. I hadn’t quite realised just how expensive the food was, but it was delicious and when we sat down to eat this was the view from where I was sat (see the photograph above). Both the north and south sides of the motorway services are very modern buildings and traditional farm architecture. According to my mum the women’s toilets even had fresh flowers in them, very impressive.

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