View from north Dunstanburgh Castle

I did think that Bamburgh Castle was the biggest in Northumberland, but in fact Dunstanburgh is the biggest, although there is very little of it left to see. The above picture shows a small section of Dunstanburgh Castle looking north over Embleton Bay. I was stood on the wall to take this picture, and used the line of the wall to lead your eye to the focal point of the image, Lilburn Tower. I was attracted to the way the natural greens of the grasses and blues of the sky and sea contrast so well. The texture of the stonework also stands out well in this photograph. Although the cropping is a little tight on the top right corner of the image, I could have given the tower a little more room, but my lens wasn’t wide enough to keep the composition the way I wanted it. It’s just a shame that there is nothing of great interest in the bottom left corner of the image, but I guess I can’t have everything!

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