View from Arthur’s Seat over Salisbury Crag’s

From outside the Palace of Holyroodhouse up to Salisbury Crag’s took me around 20 minutes, the views where great but I decided that I wanted to do the walk properly and go right to the top of both the the crag and Arthur”s Seat. The height of Arthur’s Seat is 820 feet but it felt like a lot higher. The views were stunning, and the weather was bright and sunny. The climb was hard and it was a little windy at the top. Stupidly I didn’t have any water so I was very dehydrated but it was worth it. The photo below was taken from the very top of Arthur”s Seat looking over Salisbury Crag”s towards the city of Edinburgh. To the left of the photo you can just make out the castle and to the right is the Firth of Forth and its bridges.

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