Victoria Office Building at Night, Salford Quays

The Victoria Office Building has been one of the first buildings I photographed in Salford Quays. I have seen many stunning pictures of it in the daytime with beautiful blue skies and great lighting. However, I don’t recall seeing any taken at night. On Wednesday Mark wanted to have a night photography lesson at the Quays, so I thought it was worth re-taking this picture. Unfortunately all my previous images of this building were taken on film from where I was just a child being dragged around this area by my dad. Now, much as I love the sky in this picture, it feels that the yellows and greens around the lower half of the image are too strong – they probably have some weird lighting set-up. Hopefully in the next 12 months I can bring you a photograph of this scene on a sunny morning or evening with my idea of the “perfect” light.

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