Urban Decay at Upholsterers – Glasgow

This is how I imagined Glasgow looked and this is how people described it to me. In fairness this is not what Glasgow looks like, for the most part it is a modern, trendy up and coming city with money. As with every large city, you can find modern parts and decaying parts. Manchester’s Northern Quarter and parts of Liverpool look very similar to the above scene and I feel always drawn to photograph these areas. You never know when they could get knocked down and have a modern apartment building put up.

I think it has been a good few years since this Upholsterers business closed down, I love all the textures of the painted wood and old brick work. You can see that the sign was originally blue, then red and finally yellow where the paint has been worn away. It is only the “no loading” sign in front of this building that really distracts and looks modern. Overall I think this building really needs upholstering!

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