Tudor Timber Framed Building Detail

This is a detail on the back wall of Ordsall Hall in Salford. This historic house dates back over 750 years. I believe that this part of the building is some of the oldest surviving part of the present hall which was built in the 15th century. One of the things that caught my eye when I walked past this wall are the simple white flower shapes set into the timber construction. The original image out of the camera looked very flat, but when you look closely at the texture you can see a lot of the hand made imperfections in the wood. This is enhanced by the post processing to a high contrast black and white photograph.

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  1. Very ancient building is Ordsall Hall in Salford!! I’m quite pleased to learn about that building and crucial fact is such building has made through solid materials using correct foundation. I think that’s why it’s still holding those wall strongly. Thanks.

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