Tree Branch Patterns with Plane Trail

Sky photos always interest me and living near a busy international airport most of my life I have seen a lot of great views of nice skies with interesting plane trail patterns in the sky. This one isn’t the most interesting by a long shot but I felt that the winter branches coupled with the orange plane trail looked interesting enough to publish. It is often the case with photography that we walk past potential photo opportunities every day of our lives, if only we had walk by and seen the subject from a slightly different angle we might have seen the photo in our minds. This photo was taken back in January 2006, nearly twelve months ago (how time flies) and I was going to be ten minutes early to meet a friend so rather than hanging around outside his house till he was available I just walked slower and took my time and found this photograph by simply looking a little more at my surroundings, you never know what you might find!

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