Trafalgar Square Fountains at Night

The fountains at Trafalgar Square look good in the day time, but at night they’re fantastic. I’ve just got back to the hotel after a night photographing various locations around London. This is my favourite image I captured and I’m sure it’ll make for a great print. Yesterday the light was overcast and dull. Today wasn’t much different apart from it raining. However, at night none of this matters.

I took half a dozen photographs of the fountains, between each frame cleaning the lens with a lens cloth as the wind was blowing the spray on to my glass. The camera was on a tripod and the camera settings were a 10 second exposure time at an aperture of f/16. The focal length was 14mm because I was using my new lens. A Sigma 10-20mm which allows very extreme (almost fish-eye like) wide angle images.

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