Tower Bridge at dawn

When I knew I was going to be staying in London for a few days, the top thing to photograph was the iconic Tower Bridge. Wanting to capture it at twilight, I knew that there would be a lot of boats on the water in the evening. After location scouting for a whole day, to look at the bridge from all angles. I settled on the classic view shown here. This was taken from the south side of the River Thames in front of City Hall. From the opposite side to the Tower of London. In front of the HMS Belfast looking east towards Canary Wharf in the background. This was captured at about 5:30am on an April morning. The tide was pretty low which is unfortunate as we see some of the river bank on the lower right corner of the frame. It was a nice clear morning even though it was a little foggy. The lights of the bridge have improved over the years since I was last here. You can tell this is a long exposure by the blurred movement of the flags on the bridge. It was a 20 second exposure time to blur the water and capture as much detail as possible as the sun had yet to rise. It would have been nice to have the river a little higher. Next time I’d pay more attention to the tides. It was also great to have little to no traffic going across the bridge at that time of day. This would have led to distracting light trails.

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