Thirlmere Reservoir – Lake District

This was taken on a day out with friends John and Ken. I wanted John to teach me some of his landscape photography secrets and this was my best image of the day. It shows a wide angle view of Thirlmere Reservoir which provides the water to my home town of Manchester. To take this image I turned the camera upside down and shot hand held. Why upside down you ask? Well I wanted to use my SB-800 flash gun to light up the rocks in the foreground. I was also using a two stop neutral density graduated filter over the front of my lens to keep all the details in the mountains and woodland on the opposite side of the lake. It was Ken’s idea to throw in a small stone to add that rippled effect, just to break up the reflection and add more interest in that area. Overall this is one of my favourite landscape photographs that I have taken.

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