The World’s Breath, Edinburgh

I must first clarify that it wasn’t me who wrote this into a rock at the edge of Salisbury Crag’s. I was sat here yesterday morning with a bottle of water and a fruit salad, looking down and reading “The World’s Breath” I knew it had to be photographed. In the distance you can see Edinburgh Castle with the interesting buildings of the city centre around it. Whilst editing this photo for the website I had the thought that this graffiti could be saying “The World’s Beneath” but as far as I can see it says “breath”.

Yesterday was my long walk day, walking from the hotel, across the city of Edinburgh, up Calton Hill, to the top of Nelson’s Monument, back down to the Palace of Holyrood House, up and along the edge of Salisbury Crag’s, climbed to the top of Arthur’s Seat and then back down the other side through the park and back across the city to the hotel. As you can imagine this took all day, the 250 metre climb to the top of Arthur’s Seat wasn’t as difficult as the first time but then I was in no rush and had water with me this time. Measuring out the route of my walk I did 8 miles but it felt much further due to the walking up and down three hills.

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