The Tough One – Extreme Enduro Motocross

After deciding I wanted to do more motorsport photography I started looking around the internet for local motorsport events, in particular motorcross and motorbike races, something I had never photographed before this past weekend. Above is my most successful capture from The Tough One, an Extreme Enduro motorcross race at Back Cowm Quarry in Rochdale. Here we see the Clubman Class race in the morning. In the foreground is bike 38, a Gas Gas 300 riden by David Dudley from Ramsbottom. Behind him in the background is bike 52, a KTM 150 ridden by Harry Eccles, also from Ramsbottom. It was a massive challenge to get anything I was happy with in these wet and overcast conditions. Still I was happy I had gone and will hopefully make it to more motorcross events over the coming months.

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