The Lowry at Night, Salford Quays

Yesterday evening I felt the sudden urge to grab my camera and tripod and get some fresh urban night photography. Salford Quays is a great place to explore because it is usually very quiet as illustrated in the above picture. The Lowry is a theatre and art gallery which was completed in 2000 with the help of £21 million ($41.6 million) in National Lottery funding.

To take this photograph I was stood at the bottom of the steps up to the shopping centre (directly behind me). The camera was on a tripod and set to a 15 second exposure. It was taken at 6:11pm – obviously there were a few people around, but as see if you look closely at the size of the door in the enlarged version, it is a massive building and a large area which you would expect to be very crowded. This year I hope to do some very interesting light experiments at “The Quays” after dark, as usual, you’ll be the first to see the results.

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