The Hole in the Rock

Officially known as Piercy Island, the hole in the rock is something of a tourist attraction in the Bay of Islands. Staying in the local town of Paihia for a couple of nights I had to check it out after seeing adverts and signs all over the small sea side town. This photograph is one of my more embarrassing ones. I took a “Dolphin Cruise” and after a lovely hour of watching dolphins we cruised over to Piercy Island.

The sea was very rough. So rough I couldn’t stand up and hold my camera at the same time. This photograph was taken through the rather dirty window of the boat. You can just about see the hole in the rock on the left side of the island. The hole is about 18 metres from sea level although with the swell of the sea this obviously varies by the second. Makes for an exciting (if a little nauseous) few minutes as the cruise boat with a few hundred tourists gets sailed through the hole on a dip in the tide!

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  1. Looking at this photo I can understand why the hole in the rock is a tourist attraction. The photo itself is gorgeous and I can only imagine that to see it in person would be breath taking

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