The Devil’s Pulpit Waterfall

Unless you love photographing waterfalls, I would not recommend going here. It’s quite dangerous to get down into the gorge. It was the last evening of our short trip to Scotland, I realised we hadn’t seen many big or dramatic waterfalls. So this one is thanks to Flickr or was it Instagram? I forget exactly where I discovered the Devil’s Pulpit. Turned out to be less than half an hour away from where we were staying and not too much of a detour. When we visited, there was no easy places to park on either the B834 or the A809 roads. After a few back and forths we found somewhere to park and walked into the woods around Finnich Glen. This is Carnock Burn. There’s a footpath on the south side of the gorge. Then a very steep, slippery ancient stone steps called Jacob’s Ladder. There wasn’t a rope there when we went but it could do with one, especially on a rainy day. Taken with a tripod and the camera zoomed in to create this perspective. Finnich Glen isn’t anywhere near as narrow as it looks in this photograph.

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