Tawhai Falls – Gollums Pool

Driving through the Tongariro National Park, my first stop was here. Tawhai Falls is only a 10 minute drive from the small town of National Park. The Tawhai Falls are 13 metres high. It was the filming location of Gollum’s pool, where Faramir and his archers are watching Gollum fish. I recently invested in some neutral density filters which are like sunglasses for the camera. They let me use a much longer exposure time, which gives this cotton wool effect of the movement of the water. Even though it was raining, I made sure the camera was on the tripod. Using different filters to better understand the effects. This version was one of the longer exposure times of 20 seconds. When converted to monochrome I liked the effect of the soft blurred water contrasting against the hard rocks.

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