Mount Taranaki reflection

I had been seeing photographs from this tarn for many years and really wanting to go there myself. It is one of the most well known views of Mount Taranaki. The stillness of the water makes the reflection of the mountain so clear. Pouakai Circuit Reflective Tarn is not, as I had hoped, a short stroll off the highway. On the map, it looks like an easy enough day hike of 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) there and then the same back. It is uphill, all the way with around 700 metres (2,297 feet) of aviation gain. This took a 2-3 hours each way but well worth it for this photograph. About 15 minutes before the tarn is Pouakai Hut. A Backcountry Hut with 16 bunk beds, cold running water and a containment tank toilet. This could be an option for people wanting to photograph this view at dawn, dusk or even at night under the stars. Which is my plan for my next hike up to the Pouakai Reflective Tarn.

Loch Lomond

Next to Balloch Pier is a small beach used by the local kayak club. It was from here that I took this dusk photograph. Looking north west up Loch Lomond. The rocks in the foreground were little more than tiny pebbles. Getting the camera as low to the water as I could and using a wide angle lens make them seem bigger than they were. I like the colours and textures in the sky and clouds. Especially the reflection of the sky in the calm waters of the Loch. Less than 50 metres off to the right was the very picturesque Maid of the Loch, a 1953 paddle steamer. The sun was setting behind the ship and so casting it in shadow. I’d have to come back at dawn for the best photo of that.

Central Pools at Waiotapu

The central pools of the Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland in New Zealand are my favourite. This look out is the best to see the majority of the geothermal attraction. The orange area in the top right is the iconic Champagne Pool. Overflowing water from the Champagne Pool brings up minerals that originated deep below the surface. As the water cools, it evaporates and exposes minerals that provide a showcase of colours. This area never looks the same each time I visit, as it changes depending on the sunlight and water level.

Otaki Kite Festival

Otaki Kite Festival

Having missed the kite festival at Otaki Beach for the last few years, I was happy to finally get there. There were kites of all different types. With kite clubs coming from around the country. Even a demonstration from a team that had come over from Australia. These inflatables were the highlight. In this photograph, I tried to capture the variety. Standing ankle deep in the surf to get some reflections in the foreground.