London’s Tower Bridge at Night

London's Tower Bridge at Night

Tower Bridge is my favourite sight in London to photograph and I knew that this weekend I wanted to concentrate on taking pictures of the bridge at different times of the day and night. Strangely enough we ended up at this location on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The photograph above was taken on the Saturday evening. The bridge is really well lit which is good in a way but I don’t like the reflections on the water below, it almost looks more like tin foil than water. Also with the bridge being so bright it was difficult to get the camera to capture any detail in the sky. It would have probably been better to have go there an hour earlier, but we were at Westminster at the time. I would have rather taken this picture from the other side of the Thames outside the Tower of London but this area is closed to the public at night. Still, I did the best I could. It made carrying the tripod on the train and around London worth it.

Castlefield canal boats at night

Castlefield canal boats at night

I am sat here in my one of my grandparents arm chairs after what seems a whistle stop tour of London and a complete mad rush of a week before hand. I am spending the next few days resting with family in Nantwich in Cheshire, where I am hoping to get a chance to write up my adventures, plan my next couple of photographic trips and work on some new features for the website. The photograph above is of Castlefield, the boat to the right still wasn’t in the perfect place but I have now worked out that Monday evenings are the most popular for boats mooring overnight on this part of the canal. The picture above was taken this time last week on my previously talked about night walk around Manchester taking photos for a competition. I didn’t enter this one but now I have enhanced it a little for the website it looks much better than I had originally thought, oh well I can’t do everything!

Manchester’s Castlefield bridges at night

Manchester's Castlefield bridges at night

If you have read my photo blog for longer than a month or so you will know how much I enjoy taking photographs around the Castlefield area of Manchester. Day or night the old converted warehouses and holiday barges contrasting with the trendy bars and modern apartment buildings make for very interesting photography. The bridge in the photo above looks totally different at night compared to in the day. At first I thought this image wasn’t worth sharing with you but after studying the shoot for a while I decided I enjoyed the way you can see the steps to the bridge on the far left and right of the picture. The long white light on the above bridge is a Metrolink tram. With such a long ten second exposure time the lights on the train simply blur into an artistic line.

Manchester’s Bar 38 at Night

Manchester's Bar 38 at Night

In front of the AMC cinemas in the centre of Manchester is the modern looking Bar 38. I have been interested in this building for a while now but had never seen it at night. The coloured lights were crying out to be photographed as they constantly change through a sequence of blues, reds, greens and purples. But when I saw the above image that I captured, it’s disappointing because you don’t get the full impression of the colour changes. It is also a shame about the “for hire” sign along the railings in the centre of the picture but things like that can’t be helped. Although this photograph is very busy with a lot going on, I thought it was worth sharing because when you click the photo above to see the larger preview you can see quite a surprising amounts of detail in the building.