Youth Centre Graffiti in Moss Side

Youth Centre Graffiti in Moss Side

Photograph of Graffiti from Manchester’s Hulme / Moss Side area for you today. Seen on the walls of the Procters Young Peoples Centre just off the Mancunion Way. I really liked the message and after reading it was hard to not pick up the camera and photograph this mural.

However, the reason not all of the graffiti has been included was it was an overcast day, and as such I choose to stick with my 50mm fixed lens. No zooming in or out meant I couldn’t include more, but fortunately I was able to get the majority of the text in the picture, giving you a message that is worth reading. Not all graffiti is a crime, some graffiti is important and it is art.

Manchester Graffiti – near Oxford Road Station

Manchester Graffiti - near Oxford Road Station

This amazing piece of graffiti was seen over a wall viewed from New Wakefield Street between Great Marlborough Street and Oxford Road. This short road has three or four stunning examples of graffiti, but I think this is the most interesting example I have so far seen on the streets on Manchester. I did a project for college last year on Manchester”s graffiti in the gas works area under the bridge that heads towards the G-Mex centre from Oxford Road station. This is just around the corner and is well worth a look as I doubt it will be there for much longer.