Northern Quarter Graffiti – Manchester

Northern Quarter Graffiti - Manchester

There are a lot of fantastic examples of street art or graffiti around Manchester, but nowhere more so than the arty area known as the Northern Quarter. After my recent photo shoot of the Manchester Wheel at Night, Mark wanted to explore more of the area between Piccadilly and Ancoats. Walking down the back streets I saw this interesting piece of art in the above photo. Being down an alley in the city centre at night, I wasn’t going to put up my tripod to do a long exposure, so I simply cranked up the camera’s sensitivity to light (or ISO setting) and using the pop-up flash. Ideally I would have put the SB-800 flash gun on the camera with a nice soft defuser to remove any reflections, but I can’t remember everything.

Stupid Kidz Graffiti – Barcelona

Stupid Kidz Graffiti - Barcelona

Graffiti is something I always look for in big cities as I enjoy studying the details. I knew the Barcelona being an artistic city there would be some great graffiti if I could find it. Whilst sat on the top deck of the tourist bus I looked down to see a 400-600 metre stretch of wall about a quarter of a mile away from La Ramblas. At the time I wasn’t in a position to jump off the bus but I noted the location down on the map and looked at where the sun was to work out the best time of day to return. The following day I took the tourist bus to Museu National d’ Art Catalunya (MNAC) then took the Montguic Cable Car to get some good views over the city centre and harbour and then walked down the hill into town via this graffiti. In my opinion the above photograph was certainly one of the highlights of my walk that afternoon.

Oxford Road Graffiti – Manchester

Oxford Road Graffiti - Manchester

When I first moved into the city centre I published a photo taken from this spot behind the fence of the New Wakefield Street NCP car park. It is amazing how this small corner between Great Marlborough Street and Oxford Road has changed over the last two years. There used to be an amazing piece of graffiti featuring a huge dragon, this can been seen in the photo below taken in September 2006. About a year ago all the weeds were dug up and the area was resurfaced and turned into an NCP car park with big gates, the original graffiti was painted white. I was pretty upset to see that, but when I first glanced over to see the above new “kill bill” style artwork I knew it had to be photographed and talked about here.

Youth Centre Graffiti in Moss Side

Youth Centre Graffiti in Moss Side

Photograph of Graffiti from Manchester’s Hulme / Moss Side area for you today. Seen on the walls of the Procters Young Peoples Centre just off the Mancunion Way. I really liked the message and after reading it was hard to not pick up the camera and photograph this mural.

However, the reason not all of the graffiti has been included was it was an overcast day, and as such I choose to stick with my 50mm fixed lens. No zooming in or out meant I couldn’t include more, but fortunately I was able to get the majority of the text in the picture, giving you a message that is worth reading. Not all graffiti is a crime, some graffiti is important and it is art.