Fishing Boats on the shore of Lough Mask, Ireland

Fishing Boats on the shore of Lough Mask, Ireland

Travelling to the opposite side of Lough Mask this afternoon I had my first fishing lesson. We were trying to catch trout but due to the fact we didn’t have access to a boat it was very difficult. Plus the fact I broke the rod, nearly lost the net amongst other disasters I think fishing defiantly isn’t the sport for me, I”ll stick to my photography. Once again fantastic scenery on from the shores of the Lough.

Lough Mask – Mayo, Ireland

Lough Mask - Mayo, Ireland

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunny day in County Mayo in the Republic of Ireland. Yesterday we travelled over 500 miles for over 13 hours but we finally made it late last night. I took a little walk down to the local lake (or lough as they say here in Ireland). The photograph below shows the view that greeted me, I am very lucky to be staying within 10 minutes walk from the shore of this massive and wonderful lake for the next 7 days and I’m sure I will have more interesting photographs like this one to share with you.

Hadrian’s Wall – Scotland

Hadrian's Wall - Scotland

We left early from Edinburgh to avoid traffic and so we had time to stop at Hadrian’s Wall which “borders” Scotland and England and runs for 74 miles from Newscastle upon Tyne in the east to Carlisle in the west. It was originally built in 122AD to keep the English people out of Scotland and was 18 feet tall in its time. I didn’t walk down it for more than five minutes but I would one day love to walk the whole length of it (blogging all the way of course).

View from Arthur’s Seat over Salisbury Crag’s

View from Arthur's Seat over Salisbury Crag's

From outside the Palace of Holyroodhouse up to Salisbury Crag’s took me around 20 minutes, the views where great but I decided that I wanted to do the walk properly and go right to the top of both the the crag and Arthur”s Seat. The height of Arthur’s Seat is 820 feet but it felt like a lot higher. The views were stunning, and the weather was bright and sunny. The climb was hard and it was a little windy at the top. Stupidly I didn’t have any water so I was very dehydrated but it was worth it. The photo below was taken from the very top of Arthur”s Seat looking over Salisbury Crag”s towards the city of Edinburgh. To the left of the photo you can just make out the castle and to the right is the Firth of Forth and its bridges.