Edinburgh Residence – Suite 26

Edinburgh Residence - Suite 26

In my opinion the Edinburgh Residence is the finest place to stay in Edinburgh. Admittedly, I have only ever stayed in one other place in the city, but nothing I have seen can top the suites at this residence. The above photograph isn’t the room I was staying in but a similar one. I asked the manger’s permission to have a small number of the suites opened for me to take in my super wide angle lens and tripod to get some more traditional looking interior photographs. About a month ago I was running around City Serve Apartments getting modern, trendy interior photos so I decided it would be great for my portfolio to have something to contrast against these images. Certainly the above interior photograph shows one of the most impressive “hotels” that I have ever had the privilege to spend time in.

Sea Shell Patterns on Wall

Sea Shell Patterns on Wall

Two years ago I was in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh a week or two after the Queen Mother’s memorial garden had opened to the public. Remembering the interior of a small summer house with its very photogenic walls, I knew I would be back. Yesterday was an overcast rainy day. The Botanical Gardens seemed like a good place to take my camera, tripod and 50mm lens down to try and get something a little different. The above photo represents the best of yesterdays photography – hopefully today will bring something more interesting down in Leith.

City Hall Staircase, London

City Hall Staircase, London

I was expecting great views from the top of London’s City Hall, but not from the top of the buildings staircase. This must be one of the most unique looking spiral staircases I have ever seen. In fact the above photograph doesn’t do it complete justice. City Hall is the headquarters of the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London.

Apartment Interior – Bedroom Detail

Apartment Interior - Bedroom Detail

Yesterday I started working for a new client photographing apartments around the city centre of Manchester. This was one of the 750 images captured using my new super wide angle 10-20mm lens. The most difficult thing about the day was lighting.

I ended up using as little flash as possible and setting the ISO up to 400 or even 800 at times. This might seem high for a camera like the Nikon D80 that I use, and you would be right to think so. However, with Lightroom’s advanced noise reduction and software such as Noise Ninja I am able to remove almost all the grain. The client is using the images primarily for online distribution and so the higher ISO / noise problems are dramatically reduced with lower resolution web files and my post-processing techniques.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you which apartment building this bedroom is in, but I felt it was very stylish and modern, as were almost all the apartments I have been in so far. The artwork above the bed seems to work very well with the cool blue of the bed linen in my opinion.