Boat trip on the Firth of Forth

Boat trip on the Firth of Forth

This morning we decided to take the 10:30 boat trip along the Firth of Forth estuary. The boat took us past the road bridge which we drove over yesterday and under the Forth (railway) Bridge. As you can see in the photo the bridge is currently under going serious maintenance. My image also shows the Maid of the Forth, the ferry which we travelled on.

Inchcolm Abbey – Firth of Forth – Scotland

Inchcolm Abbey - Firth of Forth - Scotland

The boat trip took us there and back to the island of Inchcolm on the estuary. It is a very small island and the main feature is this former Augustinian Abbey. Although the island is inhabited the ferry service does stop to let people off and then pick them up an hour later. We chose not to get off although I would like to have seen more of this fascinating island. As the ferry continued back to South Queensferry. The total round trip took just over an hour and a half and was well worth the time and effort – I would definitely recommend it.

Aerial view of Venice’s Lido

Aerial view of Venice's Lido

I had obviously read and seen a lot of information about Venice before I went but it wasn’t until flying home that I saw this, the Lido. It is an 11 mile long sandbar which is where a lot of Venetians go for their summer holidays, or at least that was traditionally where they went. Aerial photography has always been something of interest too me even though I rarely get the opportunity to take pictures from a plane.