Castlefield foot bridge

Castlefield foot bridge

This is the second photograph I took last night on my evening adventure around Castlefield. I was able to explore various parts of Castlefield that I had not been to before and this was taken from one of them. I was stood behind the Youth Hostel looking down the canal to the bridge. If you’re wondering what is framing this photograph, it is a railway viaduct that takes the Metrolink trams from Altrincham and Eccles into the city centre. The three photographers to the right of the bridge are fellow members of Sale Photographic Society, we were all out taking shoots of the area for an up and coming competition. The two buildings behind the white foot bridge are old converted warehouses, the one off to the right is now the studios for Magic FM and Key 103 radio stations. I am not sure what the building in the middle is but I am guessing it is offices.

Millennium Bridge & St. Paul’s Cathedral

Millennium Bridge & St. Paul's Cathedral

Certainly the dome at least of St. Paul’s Cathedral is much easier to photograph from far away. A few days ago I was complaining about how difficult it was to fit the whole cathedral into one image. The picture above gives a much better impression of its size and height. It also shows the new Millennium Bridge in a much clearly light than my previous image of the bridge. Using the diagonal lead-in from the top left corner is my attempt to draw your eye along the bridge to the focal point at the end, i.e. the cathedral. I was quite surprised at how many cranes were on the skyline behind the cathedral. In this picture they almost look like they are on the bridge or on the banks of the River Thames, but from what I could see they were much further away than they look.

London’s Tower Bridge at Night

London's Tower Bridge at Night

Tower Bridge is my favourite sight in London to photograph and I knew that this weekend I wanted to concentrate on taking pictures of the bridge at different times of the day and night. Strangely enough we ended up at this location on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The photograph above was taken on the Saturday evening. The bridge is really well lit which is good in a way but I don’t like the reflections on the water below, it almost looks more like tin foil than water. Also with the bridge being so bright it was difficult to get the camera to capture any detail in the sky. It would have probably been better to have go there an hour earlier, but we were at Westminster at the time. I would have rather taken this picture from the other side of the Thames outside the Tower of London but this area is closed to the public at night. Still, I did the best I could. It made carrying the tripod on the train and around London worth it.

Millennium Bridge infront of St Paul’s Cathedral

Millennium Bridge infront of St Paul's Cathedral

After the past two days of running around London I knew that I couldn’t physically do as much as I did over the past couple of days. So once we had checked out of our hotel, we got the tube back over to the banks of the Thames River, Blackfriars station to be exact. I wanted to see Millennium Bridge. I have heard in the Media that it is described as the “Wobby Bridge” but I didn’t find it at all wobbly. The photograph above shows the end of the bridge looking over towards St Paul’s Cathedral. Behind me as I took this picture is the Tate Modern art gallery. I have seen the bridge from this angle in a couple of magazines and University prospectuses and wanted to see if I could recreate it. Just as I had my camera set up, two young guys came and stood in my photo and started handing out leaflets. Still, next time I am in the capital I know where I need to go on a quiet but sunny morning.