Lobster Creel at Abb’s Head Harbor

Lobster Creel at Abb's Head Harbor

Growing up watching my dad take photographs all my life, I learnt to spot things like this. Whenever we both take photos together around harbours we are always on the look out for things like this, or old ropes or fishing tackle. Rarely do you find a single lobster creel sat on the harbour wall like this, but on my way up to Edinburgh two weeks ago I took this photograph. The only thing I had to move was a small piece of wood in the foreground. It definitely makes a change seeing a lobster creel on it’s own like this, usually they are piled up high against the harbour walls. The only thing I don’t like about the above photograph is the texture of the rock and netting on the creel. They seem to mix together as you look at the image. Having all sea in the background would have made it a better photograph. But mistakes are the best way to learn, especially when it comes to photography.

Greyfriars Bobby Statue, Edinburgh

Greyfriars Bobby Statue, Edinburgh

I had a bit of a day off from photography today. However, I did see this statue in a book about Edinburgh and thought that he would make a good photograph but didn’t know where it was in the city. Today, when I walked past I just had to get my camera out and grab a picture. The story of the Skye Terrier dog is world famous…

Bobby belonged to John Gray, who worked for the Edinburgh City Police as a night watchman, and the two were inseparable for about two years. Then, on the 15th February 1858, Gray died of Tuberculosis. He was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard, in the Old Town of Edinburgh. Bobby, who out lived John Gray by 14 years, is said to have spent the rest of life sitting on his master’s grave.

I have seen versions of this story in popular culture a number of times, Walt Disney had a very similar looking dog in a number of his children’s films and the story was even adapted for one of my favourite cartoon shows, Futurama. I thought that the photograph looked better in black and white and the space to the right of the dog gives the impression he is looking out for his master’s return.

Honda CBF500 ABS Motorcycle

Honda CBF500 ABS Motorcycle

At the weekend my mate Mark was over at mine with his new bike. He wanted me to take a few photos but by the time we got around to taking them it was past 9pm and going dark so most of the pictures I took were blurred. I rushed to be honest and didn’t think to use my monopod or tripod to support the camera. Mark somehow managed to photograph the above image and keep it relatively sharp, I had to edit a bit but nothing crazy. I also thought it looked better converted to black and white, I hope you approve Mark?

Manchester’s Castlefield bridges at night

Manchester's Castlefield bridges at night

If you have read my photo blog for longer than a month or so you will know how much I enjoy taking photographs around the Castlefield area of Manchester. Day or night the old converted warehouses and holiday barges contrasting with the trendy bars and modern apartment buildings make for very interesting photography. The bridge in the photo above looks totally different at night compared to in the day. At first I thought this image wasn’t worth sharing with you but after studying the shoot for a while I decided I enjoyed the way you can see the steps to the bridge on the far left and right of the picture. The long white light on the above bridge is a Metrolink tram. With such a long ten second exposure time the lights on the train simply blur into an artistic line.