View from the Empire State Building – New York

View from the Empire State Building - New York

Got up early to clear sunny skies, so I walked down with Mike to the Lincoln centre on the west side. Then back around the block and into central park, it was a nice little walk and I got a few pictures. We then met up with the whole group and walked through central park to the Guggenhein Museum. This was under re-development so looked very ugly from the outside but the inside was still open, it was better then last time but still a little disappointing. So I walked back into central park to get some photos over the reservoir. The whole group then walked down 5th ave to the Empire State Building (about 3 miles away). Due to the weather being so clear we could see for miles from the 86th floor. Again I took loads of photos.

View from Manchester Wheel

View from Manchester Wheel

This afternoon I wanted to get a few photographs of Manchester and thought it would be a perfect time to go for a trip on the Manchester Wheel. Typically it was raining so 99% of the photographs I took had spots of rain from the glass. This was the best image I could rescue. It was nice to see the new section of the Arndale Shopping Centre now open. Despite the rain my trip on the wheel was still good fun, I will definitely be going on it again when the weather is a little better. If your interested, your get to go around three times for one trip.

Aerial view of Venice’s Lido

Aerial view of Venice's Lido

I had obviously read and seen a lot of information about Venice before I went but it wasn’t until flying home that I saw this, the Lido. It is an 11 mile long sandbar which is where a lot of Venetians go for their summer holidays, or at least that was traditionally where they went. Aerial photography has always been something of interest too me even though I rarely get the opportunity to take pictures from a plane.