Sydney Harbour Bridge from Observatory

Walking up and around Observatory Hill at around half 5 in the evening. I watched many bridal parties come and go having their photographs taken with this view. As the sunset more and more people arrived to sit on the grass and have picnics. After sunset two seperate photography workshops arrived. Around 20 photographers in each workshop plus the instructors. There were a few photographers like myself not part of the groups. There must have been at least 50 tripods on the hill that night. Most of us were capturing this view along Lower Fort Street towards the harbour bridge. By 8pm most people had packed up their camera gear and one of the workshops had moved on. The instructor for the workshop to my right lit up sparkler and started walking up and down in front of her group. I didn’t re-compose my camera but I did take a couple of six second long exposures. Seeing if I could get extra interest on this side of the frame.

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