Sydney Harbour at Dusk

Many times I have seen viewpoints on postcards or online and thought I have to go there and put my own spin on that view. This was the case here. In fact this was my one shot that I came to Australia knowing I would wait for as long as it took in order to get the conditions perfect in terms of the sky, no ferries or boats in the water. This is just the way I wanted the final photograph to turn out, taken at the perfect time of day. It was about half an hour after the sun had set just off to the right behind the Harbour Bridge and the purples and oranges in the sky were a real bonus. Some might say that I should crop out a lot of the water and some of the sky to make this into a panoramic photograph, but I like it the way it is, maybe this might change when I see a large print of it.

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  1. I agree with you Ed, it works well the way it is. It would look good as a panoramic photo but I think the dark blues of the water of the water with the reflections from the lights work really well. I am curious though, how long did you have to wait and what exposure length did you use??

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