Sunset behind Bridge in Salford Quays

Any professional photographer will tell you that the best landscape and / or outdoor photography is done around sunrise or sunset, and its true to a certain extent. I really wanted to go further away from Manchester today but in the end I choose to explore the Salford Quays area. We have both been here many times and the weather and lighting today were surprisingly good, although the wind coming off the water was extremely strong and bitterly cold. Once I had taken about a hundred photos we had a look around the Lowry Shopping Centre, and for a Saturday afternoon I was very surprised at how empty it was. When we came out from shopping this was the view that I saw and I couldn’t help but get a couple of photos. I love this style of photography and think that sunsets are very beautiful. This is a classic candidate for some HDR (high dynamic range) photographic techniques. I wished to digitally combine this photo with another taken where the bridge structure has light on it rather than being silhouetted like it is in this image. This photo will have to be taken one morning in the future, but from exactly the same view point. Then I will try to combine the two pictures into an even more interesting (if not a little fake) photograph.

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