Sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea

Before the start of this year I don’t ever remember witnessing a sun rise, certainly never photographing one. This summer I captured my first two, this was the last one and best so far. Sitting there in the cold of night in my pajamas on the beach, wondering which direction the sun will appear from and thinking to myself “hotel bed was warm, sun lounger at night, not so much!” You could feel the heat from the sun within a couple of minutes of seeing the first glimpse of red glow. It was a wonderfully warm feeling, and within five or ten minutes of first seeing the sun pierce the horizon it was at the start where you can see it now. Could it get anymore perfect? Yes, a yacht kindly sailed along the horizon.

It’s not all a perfect fairy tale however, I hadn’t looked at this image closely until post-processing it this evening to share with you…it’s blurred! I will kick myself regularly until I’m next on a beach in the Med at sunrise because I didn’t use a tripod! Using a monopod would be fine, and is great for wide angle sunrises for the most part but in the above photo I had zoomed in to 135mm and so camera shake and low light levels became a really big issue. Hopefully you can hardly tell on the above preview, but this means that this photograph will never get printed due to the blur and my stupidity.

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