Sunrise on the horizon, Mediterranean Sea

As it gets closer and closer to the “shortest day” of the year, it seems only right to post a more uplifting photograph. This image was captured on the south east coast of Sardinia, Italy just outside a small town called Pula. Personally, I much prefer capturing sunrises. It is more effort to getting up early and to make sure you are there at the right time, also you have to get lucky (sometimes you get up and there is too much cloud or mist). But, when you do experience a sunrise like this, it makes all that effort worth it.

On this particular instance, I remember the sun hitting my face, looking around and realising everything was getting lighter and brighter and more importantly, warmer. The thing about sunsets is, as much as they are easier to photograph, the sun is disappearing, it is turning into night. In contrast, when you are around for sunrise, you have the rest of the day ahead of you – this can be very inspirational. On the day I took this photograph for example, I had one of the most amazing days of photography this year, taking hundreds of photographs of at least four or five different locations on the island, all in one day. That is the power of a sunrise for me as a photographer.

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