Sunrise behind Palm Trees

The more effort I put into this website and my photography, the more visitors and emails I get from people. If it wasn’t for the numbers of people reading this and looking at my images every day this picture wouldn’t be taken. I had had a very late night the night before and managed to crawl out of bed at 6am to sit by the beach in the cold waiting for the sun to come up over the sea. It was unbelievably brilliant. Until now I always thought to myself, “sunrises are the same as sunsets, only you have to get out of bed really early to capture them”. I now see there is so much more, the warmth from the sun, the colour shift as it pops over the horizon. The above image was taken at the local beach in Pula, Sardinia. I would guess at about half an hour after I first glimpsed the sun popping out of the sea. I obviously took many photos but this one is a little different because of the way I used the palm trees to the left to encroach on the photograph, giving a nice black silhouette against the orange light.

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