Stupid Kidz Graffiti – Barcelona

Graffiti is something I always look for in big cities as I enjoy studying the details. I knew the Barcelona being an artistic city there would be some great graffiti if I could find it. Whilst sat on the top deck of the tourist bus I looked down to see a 400-600 metre stretch of wall about a quarter of a mile away from La Ramblas. At the time I wasn’t in a position to jump off the bus but I noted the location down on the map and looked at where the sun was to work out the best time of day to return. The following day I took the tourist bus to Museu National d’ Art Catalunya (MNAC) then took the Montguic Cable Car to get some good views over the city centre and harbour and then walked down the hill into town via this graffiti. In my opinion the above photograph was certainly one of the highlights of my walk that afternoon.

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