Street Lamp in Leith, Edinburgh

The photo above shows one of the extremely ornate street lamps found in Leith, just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. A couple of years ago my Great Aunt once asked me to take a photo of a street lamp, I thought “pretty boring subject” but did it anyway. When I started looking more and taking more photos I learnt more about lighting and composition and camera settings and opened me eyes to the fact that simple things like a street lamp can be works of art.

The first street lamp that really caught my eye (picture below) was taken in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, Italy. But the one above is probably my favourite in the collection (of two images) so far! It is very Celtic and artistically interesting from my point of view. It is only really in clicking on the image that you get a better idea of this detail with a bigger preview. The combination of this great artwork, the blue sky and probable malfunction that led to the lamp actually being switched on in the middle of the day meant I was able to bring you this quite unique street lamp photograph.

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