Street Lamp, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

About half way through my week on the beautiful island of Sardinia, I got the opportunity to walk around the capital city, Cagliari. The name of the city literally translates as “The Castle” and in a lot of ways it reminded me of an Italian version of Edinburgh. Although different in many ways, there is a castle on the top of a hill as in Edinburgh. More photos will follow of the city itself, but I wanted to share the above image. As is often the case with photography, the final image of the day is often my favourite. Certainly this was the case on this particular day. As you can see by the colour of the sky it wasn’t yet night time, but the sun had disappeared being buildings at this point. I forget which square we were sat having a huge ice cream in, but the street lamp suddenly came on. Glowing orange against the blue of the sky, I couldn’t finish my ice cream without digging out my camera and taking this photograph.

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