Storm approaching Pukaki view point

Storms can often make for some dramatic landscape photography. Waking up to a forecast of heavy rain and strong winds. I nearly chose not to drive up to Mount Cook Village. At points along Highway 80 the wind and rain was coming down on the car so hard we could hardly see more than a few car lengths in front of us. If there had been a safe place to turn around and head back to Lake Tekapo I probably would have. Luckily there was a small break in the weather at the perfect time. As we pulled into the Pukaki view point. You can see the rain storm coming down from the north towards the camera. I stood at this same spot along the road back in 2013. The Road to Mount Cook photograph shows the same road but in better weather conditions. You can even see the peak of New Zealand’s tallest mountain. We saw nothing of Mount Cook during this stormy day but it was still well worth the drive.

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