Steaming Traction Engine

One of the great tourist attractions of County Durham and the North East of England is Beamish, the living museum of the north. I’d heard about it and had been meaning to go for years. When I went it was much big and better than I expected. It was Easter weekend so whilst it was very busy, they had dozen of old vehicles from old tractions as seen here to old cars, buses and fire engines. There were also many volunteers and staff dressed in olden days clothing. The museum was opened in 1970 with a focus on the restoration of Victorian and Edwardian industrial revolution Britain. The site is about 300 arces and has a old trams running around the outside (as you can see the green pole in this photograph for the tram lines). This traction engine was coming up the hill to the main entrance just off to the right. The hill indirectly helped this photograph have lots of smoke coming from the coal powered steam engine.

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