St. Andrew Church, Sempringham, Lincolnshire

After the bonfire on Saturday night I was keen to get another location photographed in Lincolnshire before travelling back up to Manchester. Located north of Bourne, on the fen edge, Sempringham is a very small hamlet. The Abbey Church of St. Andrew is pictured in my photograph above. This site was the home of Gilbert of Sempringham (Lincolnshire’s Native Saint) and The Gilbertine Monastic Order was founded here in 1131. It was a very cloudy and overcast day when this image was taken, but I did wait for a good half an hour hoping that there would be a small break in the clouds to light up the building. As you can see, my wait paid off and just as we were about to get back in the car the sun shone. There is no detail in the harsh shadows of the grave stones but I don’t mind too much as I managed to capture that golden colour of the Churches brickwork.

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