Southport Air Show 2005

Took a trip over to Southport for their annual air show, it was very impressive, I saw a big variety of military and stunt planes as well as helicopters and an army motocross display team. Getting there at 9 really helped avoid the crowds and made sure I got right to the barrier for a vantage point to get the best photographs. I took over a hundred and the weather was very sunny and perfect flying conditions. The morning was mainly model planes but afternoon brought on the stunt planes, bombers etc. I did end up standing for 7 hours straight without food or drink which wasn’t nice but I got the photos and that’s the main thing! The photograph above is not a model, these are two 1940s Boeing Stearman biplanes with two girls strapped to the top of the wing. They perform an adrenalin pumping series of loops, rolls, and stall turns at speeds of up to 155mph. Impressive.

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