Song Thrush with Chicks

A couple of months ago, I noticed twigs near the front door of my flat. Living on the 5th floor, these twigs were down the stairs as well. After about a week, noticing a few more each day, a nest appeared near the lift. It was on top of an electrical circuit box, about 5 feet from my front door. One weekend someone must have seen the mess and had taped the nest together. To my amazement the bird stayed. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that there were chicks.

Obviously, it was camera time. Being in a shaded corner near the lift I had to wait for a sunny day. Next, knowing that the mother would fly away as soon as I opened my door, I propped the door open and waited. It took about five attempts to get this shoot. After a couple of disturbances to the bird, the camera went away for the day, so as not to disturb the chicks too much. So far, I have only counted two chicks. I am sure any day now they will leave the nest.

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