Side of Barnard Castle, County Durham

When I was looking for signposts for Barnard Castle last spring I was expecting a castle but Barnard Castle is the name of the local town as well as the town’s castle pictured above. I don’t think that makes this ‘Barnard Castle’s Castle’ but it did confuse me at first. I wanted to publish this photograph because of the fantastic textures on the side wall. It was founded by the Norman’s in the 12 century and was a lovely ruin to walk around with lots of open space and interesting stair cases and a great view looking south away from the town centre. The way the path comes in from the bottom left corner makes look towards the two lamp posts and then to the stone work in the castle walls. Certain photographs like this are very difficult to showcase online as the quality of the downloaded image (even when clicked to see a larger preview) is around 6x less then the quality of the original file that came out of the camera, so sharpness and general quality suffer greatly.

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