Sheep by the Sea, Northumberland Coast

Animals interest me and although it is great to get the opportunity to photograph them in zoos, it’s nice to see them up close and personal. This was the most confident sheep I have ever come across; normally sheep run away when you walk amongst them, especially when you point a camera at them. Which coincidently, is unlike cows or horse who usually walk over and see if your camera is some kind of food container! When I was walking along the coast line from the fishing view of Craster up to Dunstanburgh Castle I had to walk amongst a large group of sheep, most moved away from me but this one just stopped and stared. I thought it would be great to take a portrait of the sheep with the sea in the background so inched closer and closer taking more photos of it as I moved. I got to within about two or three feet of the creature before it ran off, but managed to capture the above image.

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