Seagull at Dunbar Harbour, Scotland

Whilst browsing through my now extensive collection of photographs of Scotland. I found this interesting picture of a Seagull watching over the beautiful harbour at Dunbar (about 40 miles east of Edinburgh along the coast). The image above is definitely not as good photographically as the one I published on the same day I took this (Tuesday 18th July 2006). But I did want to show the boat on its side, which didn’t feature in the previous photo. Taken into this sun the original file straight out of the camera looks very different, using Photoshop I was able to mask out the foreground rocks and colour correct the background separately to the foreground. This took maybe 15 minutes to do something that would have taken a good 3 – 5 hours in a traditional darkroom. It seems the more technology advances we can do more with our time but that only puts more demands on our time.

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