Sea Trips Sign, Llandudno, Wales

Something a little different. I often photograph signs, posters and and information about what I am photographing and where I am. For example, in Zoos taking a quick snap of what the animal is, or when photographing a church taking a shot of its name. When you take thousands of photos a year it becomes very useful to be able to refer to such information and with digital photography it isn’t as if the negatives cost a lot!

With the above photograph it was something a little different. I was doing my thing at Llandundo, an interesting sea side town in North Wales when I came across this sign for Sea Trips. As a graphic designer the fonts are more than a little upsetting, but as a photographer I saw the bright red sunburnt faces and expressions of (in my opinion) pain. The baby is particularly disturbing as I am not initially sure about the difference between its eyes and nostrils! I also like the birds in the sky that seem almost the same shape as the waves on the sea, just the other way up. Wonderful!

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