Saint George’s Island Apartments, Manchester

I had planned a day trip to Chester for todays photography. I mistakenly called it off at the last minute due to the weather, but it was a mistake. The sun came out and it ended up being a fantastic day for photography. Instead I got the Metrolink tram into the centre of Manchester so I could go and hand in my key to my old flat. When I walked back to G-Mex station I was told no trams to Altrincham were running. Naturally I had my camera with me so I thought I would explore the far end of Castlefield up towards Old Trafford. I had been meaning to get a photograph of these new apartment blocks, pictured above for some time. I may try and go for a viewing sometime as the views from the top must be something special. The only thing the photograph above needs is a nice red canal boat coming toward the camera, that and a much wider angle lens as there were in fact four of these blocks rather than the three pictured. In the end I decided to keep on walking and went down past Old Trafford, through Stretford, Sale and Timperley and then down Park Road back home to Hale. It felt great having walked so far, about nine miles in the end. Hoping to do a lot more long photo-walks this summer.

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