Roof top view in Almeria, Spain

This time last week, I was sat on our balcony reading my book and saw potential photographs. This was one of them. I thought that the semi-circular opening in the wall would give an interesting frame for an image. The way the light was coming through at such a diagonal gave the sky a strong gradient. The orange coloured roof tops stood out so strongly against the white walls and blue sky, it was hard for me not to get off my chair and grab my camera. Although the scene through the wall isn’t very spectacular, I will certainly look out for more potential images that could be taken through a window or wall opening in the future. It seems to give the final picture an extra dimension when you include these details in framing the shot. If you disagree or agree with me on this one please comment below, I am always interested in what my readers think of my photos, especially the more experimental ones such as this.

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