River Esk detail, Lake District

This is a good example of the type of photography my father excels at, and he was stood next to me when I took this photo last year. It really should have been taken on a tripod, but here a monopod was used. The strange looking effect on the water was captured because of a long exposure time compared to the speed the water was flowing. Unfortunately, this was photographed using my Canon Powershot digital compact and the original file is a JPEG. This means that the over exposed (very white part of the image in the bottom right) has no detail in it. It is an example where having a camera that takes photos in a RAW format, would make it possible to recover all the detail is this “blown out” area. Fortunately, as you read this I am probably taking photographs of rivers and streams in the National Park with my newer Nikon DSLR that does take RAW photos. Come back on Tuesday and find out what (if anything) I manage to capture!

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